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For the past 5 years I have managed the creation of numerous interactive artistic web experiences. These platforms harness digital technology to connect between artists and their audiences through a creative exchange.

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Discover a city by creating music

Reimagining how to engage with audiences in the digital age, Mix the City was created with artist Kutiman and Creative digital companies "Flying Object" and "Roll Studio" for the British Council in 2014.

Devised as an audio visual experience in which 12 musicians are recorded on location throughout a city, capturing a snap shot of that city on an interactive platform that allows users to make music, record their mix and then share it online.

Through the experience users can discover a city and culture by making music. More than 200 musicians have taken part in the project in 18 cities from South East Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East reaching over 1.5 million unique users.  

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Direct a scene from a Shakespeare play

Created for the British Council as an playful educational experience uncovering the creative process of directing a theatre scene. The platform was created as a mix and match game learning about the different ways to interpret texts and contexts. The platform is constructed of the blocks of elements that form the process through which a theatre director passes in construting a scene. The user can create and share the scene they've mixed online.

Mix the Play was created as part of the "Shakespeare Lives" program in 2016. Our partners included the Old Vic, Roysten Abel, Adil Hussein and Kalki Koechlin among others.

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Be a choreographer create a dance

Mix the Body was created with Company Wayne McGregor in the UK and the Attakkalari Dance company in Bangalore, India as part of the UK India culture season 2016. The platform is an interactive experience in which users create a dance by drawing shapes on their mobile phone, tablets or computers. The dancers interpret these shapes creating dance snippets from these shapes showing the connecting between a triggering event and its development. The users devise a final video which they can share with their friends online. The platform was created with music by world renowned musicians such as Max Richter, Jon Hopkins and Mira Calix.

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